Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taking a dump

I'm offloading these cell-phone photos all at once. Apologies for the non-existent quality.

For anyone curious, the city workers of Toronto have been on strike for 20 days now. That's all indoor and outdoor workers. Garbage pickers, daycare workers, swimming pools, etc. - all shut down. So that means we have to deal with our own garbage.

We dumped our garbage, as I reported yesterday, at one of the new temporary garbage dumps the city's opened up. They're all temporary - no one's picking this shit up, so as soon as the sites are full, they have to be shut down. This one was decent. No obnoxious people picketing, and the workers present actually do all the lifting for you.

Look at this mountain.

Toronto Strike, Garbage Disposal

Toronto Strike, Sunnybrook Garbage Dump

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