Friday, July 10, 2009

Uh oh...

Oh my. Today, I gravely insulted a police officer. I may or may not have told him to go f*ck himself, the exact words escape me. But I probably did utter that exact phrase.

My mother has promised to bail me out, should I get a visit from the cops.


Full story:

I was driving north on Leslie, from Sunnybrook Park. I was there to dump my garbage. David Miller can go to hell. Anyways, there's a Sony building on Leslie, and apparently, there's always police there to direct traffic coming in and out of the building. There were 2 people jaywalking. Two f*ckers just taking their sweet ass time across the street. Get the f*ck off the road!!!! There are cars roaring up the hill, run that shit!! Damn, these people are just asking to get run over.

So, the cop was there in the middle of the road, hailing them across. He DID NOT signal for me to stop. I slowed down, and was about 9-10 metres away from the cop and the jaywalkers. Cop then proceeds to give me the universal "What the f*ck???!!!" gesture, and points to the jaywalkers. I guess the point he was trying to get across was, "Didn't you see the people?"

Well, I did, you uneducated, shit-brain, little f*ck. You dumb motherf*cker, what did you expect, I'd run them over in broad f*cking daylight? I responded in kind, through an open window. I screamed, among other things, "What the f*ck do you want me to do?", "You f*cking moron!!", and "Get a real f*cking job!!". Yes, I called a police officer a f*cking moron.

He kind of shrugged and walked off the road. Dumb f*ck.

I think I lost my temper a bit today. The first, and most likely the only time that I'll ever spew expletives at an officer of the law. Still, the pasty little f*cker deserved it.

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