Monday, July 13, 2009

Video: 2008 Flat Rock Cellars

I'm proud of this video. 2008 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir. Maybe because I really love this wine. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. got my carlsberg poker set today :) i think word-of-mouth marketing is great.. but not sure why carlsberg is doing it.. hasnt everyone already tried a carlsberg?! why dont they just use the money for commercials..

    ur videos remind me of speech comm.. i think i remember'd u liking that class.. explains the videos.. u should def post on youtube

  2. Great - everyone's starting to receive them, which is good news.

    Youtube is garbage. They don't allow videos over 10 min on free accounts. Besides, the Vimeo platform is far superior.

    Speech communication speeches were stiff, just like the jackass who was teaching it. I never prepare stuff for these things. They have a beginning, middle, and end - that's all.