Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage Port, 2007

Why is everyone so excited about this solar eclipse? THere was one last year, there will another one next year. Are we f*cking fire worshipping heathens? Does everyone think that the Sky Dog ate the f*cking sun??? Why all the excitement?


Aside. Does anyone drink Vintage Port? Let me rephrase - does anyone under the age of 40 still drink Vintage Port? It's an old British thing, it's an old white man's delight......but you can't deny that Vintage Port is absolutely delicious. Lots of fruit, but also structure and more importantly, uniquely Portuguese. Although, to be clear, Vintage Port is a British invention. Ahh, good old colonialism!

If the wine press are to be believed, vintage port is on its way back. As the name suggests, Vintage Port is not made every year; very similar to vintage Champagne, it has to be declared by Port producers. Of course, the governing body certifies whether the quality of a vintage merits a declaration. 2007 was such a year, and its already reputed to be excellent. Vintage Port is never a very forward wine - the tradition was for you to purchase for your grandchildren, because Vintage Port was never to be drunk before 30 or 40 years. However, as all wine is becoming more and more drinkable early, old traditions are changing. Vintage Port 2007 is apparently very accessible now, with all the concentration to last decades.

A very interesting proposition, for people to begin putting away. LCBO recently is offering 2007's: 2007 Vintage Port Special Offer. I really wanted to pick up a few bottles. 6-12, maybe. But, looking at the prices versus current finances.........can't do it.

Story of my life. Find something I want, but can't go for it. This is bullshit. So I can't make good, responsible purchases because he can't get his shit together, but somehow he feels he has the right to govern how, when, and where I drink the wine that I've paid for? And you wonder why I blurted out for him to go f*ck himself?

Wow, this post went downhill fast.

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