Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wine service

No, I'm not done yet. Jump's food was horrendous, but what was more shocking and unacceptable was how they serve wine.

I know how it looks. A group of Chinese in their early 20's shows up, they couldn't possibly know a damn thing about wine right? Why would you give them the proper glasses?

Wrong glasses to start. I ordered a 2006 13th Street Sandstone Estate Chardonnay, and if the servers were really educated on wine, they would know what glasses to provide. And even if they didn't know, don't they hire a sommelier-type? For such a rich, powerful wine, the glasses we were given were a disgrace. Small bowl, cheap, with a lip that just splayed open. No way to swirl the wine without splashing yourself, your tablemate, and possibly the people sitting behind you. Error number one.

The wine was served far too cold. Iced to shit, robbing the wine of any nuance or charm. The one redeeming thing our server did was leaving the bottle on the table, without an ice bucket. Still, for 45 minutes, I didn't know if I was drinking a chardonnay or a lemonade. Error number two.

******The most egregious behaviour came next. And this is something I want everyone to notice the next time you order wine in a restaurant. It's the thinly-shielded ploy of restaurants to fill your glasses to the brim, so that they can empty the bottle in 4 pours. The idea is that when the patrons see an empty bottle, they'll be embarrassed into ordering another bottle. You see what I mean when I say theft? This is a completely unprofessional, lowbrow method for restaurants to steal your money.

Our server filled our glasses to the top, leaving only about an inch of wine left in the bottle. My friend took a sip of his, and immediately, another server came from nowhere to refill his glass!!! Just appeared out of nowhere, and before anyone could react, his glass was topped up once again. Ridiculous. This clown came back 3 more times over the course of dinner for the express purpose of filling our glasses. I wanted to fling my f*cking glass at him. If the wine wasn't bad enough, we had to deal with this wine Nazi.

So here's what you do. You tell your server to stop pouring once your glass is 1/3 full. And if they come back to refill, you physically place your hand on top of the glass and say no. You have to be abrupt to these jackasses, or else they won't get the point. You have to be firm.

This appalling behavious must be stopped. We have to shame these people into providing the proper wine service. So here it is. Never order wine at Jump Cafe and Bar if you want to enjoy your wine. And the next time you experience this nonsense, don't be afraid to tell them to back off.

Here's what other prominent wine writers think about this disgraceful practice:

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  1. safe to say I'm not doing summer/winterlicious again

    I'd prefer to get a proper meal prepared if I go out to get a fancy dinner. Or else, I would much prefer to dine at home with family and friends where you can be more relaxed and can sit and chat til whenever.

  2. Word. $60 could have gotten me 3 dances with Julie at Whiskey's.