Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to diplomacy

Finally, a good story in international politics. President Clinton breaks through, visiting North Korea and negotiating the release of two American 'reporters'. Very impressive.

American politics has been missing this idea of diplomacy and negotiation ever since President Clinton left office. What is this idea of American superiority, and not negotiating with people? What, there is no middle ground between ignoring someone and engaging in all-out war? What's funny is these people wanting to play hard-ball with Korea. Let me make something clear. Communists are not afraid of anything, including war. You really want to risk war with one of these countries? If America really dared to do so, Cuba would have been swallowed decades ago. This is a ridiculous stance, and how typical of the American public to think like this. Diplomacy is the only option.

Bravo, bravo - maybe this will be a turning point in America's international relations. Let's go back to the examples that Dr. Kissinger set for everyone. Everyone's excited that these 2 women are being pardoned - but no one is questioning what President Clinton had to give up. Whether it's economic concessions, money, goodwill, or some of that cognac that Kim loves....does it matter? This is what Dr. Kissinger used to do. Don't question his methods - judge him on his results. And this is the best conclusion to a situation caused by the Americans themselves.

The world is not black and white. Geo-politics is far too complex for monolithic thinking.

In the New York Times: Clinton Secures Pardon for 2 Americans in North Korea

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