Sunday, August 9, 2009

The bomb

Ok, so I did a bbq today with some friends, and it bombed. Not only did it rain like there was no tomorrow, it f*cking poured. Right. Because it's not a real bbq until it rains right? Awesome.

Bbq while it's raining means that a poor sucker has to stand outside under an umbrella and man the grill. Well, that sucker certainly wasn't going to be me, so we let all the food sit on the fire until it became charcoal. Fantastic. Everything burned to shit, but at least we had a knife to scrape off the black.

When I invite people to my home for dinner, or any meal for that matter, there is an expectation that you will be fed proper food. Not only should it be edible, but it should also be memorable. I'm not calling myself a decent cook by any means, but I take pride in the dishes that I put together for my friends. And tonight was a f*cking disaster. I detest grilling to start with, but tonight's food was a disgrace. My sincerest apologies. Deeply, deeply, sorry.

At least the pan-seared scallops were cooked perfectly. Could have done without the bacon. Bacon-wrapped scallops are so cliched and overdone. Alas, I could have done a much better job. Proper dinner next time, I promise. Again, many apologies for a disaster of a dinner.


  1. we had a bbq here in waterloo too
    got some steaks from the farmers market. i chose to do mine in the pan with half a stick of butter and some wine. turned out well.

    we bbq rain or shine, in fact..even snow..haha

    o yea..after that piece of steak, i took the night off from studying and passed out

  2. lol, nice...who cares about studying for your last exam when you have a good piece of meat in front of you.

    my only redemption from the bbq was cooking the scallops perfectly.

  3. I had frozen pizza last night.

  4. thats awful, we're going to have to do something about that...

  5. should've called u over lucy last nite. u must have been realli lonely at home :(

  6. omg pris, i'm ALWAYS lonely. lol, we'll see each other soon though