Thursday, August 6, 2009

English Ale

St-Peter's English Ale

St Peter's English Ale, England

What to drink with fried chicken? I can't imagine eating wings with anything other than a pint of ale, and this bottle works. My first beer of the night. This beer is brewed in Suffolk, England, using organic barley and hops. The bottle shape is a reproduction of the same style and colour created in 1770 for an American customer. Cool.

As you can see, an orangeish hue, with a very nice head. Frothy. Clean aroma, of sweet barley and cool hops. Wonderfully refreshing and bitter on the palate. Incredibly refreshing, in fact, and exactly what I'm looking for out of an English ale. Perfect with the chicken, which was breaded, seared in olive oil, and finished in the oven.

I'm a big fan of this beer. Good stuff. Perfect for big gulps, with refreshing and complex hoppy character.

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