Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm a trend-setter.

When I was in Grade 6, I had an accident in the playground involving broken glasses, and 7 stitches around my left eye. After you lose a few cc's of blood, you don't react as much when the doctor tells you how close you were to losing an eye (1/4 inch).

So, while I was waiting for the stitches to do their work and for my new glasses to arrive, I was stuck indoors. No more recess. Mr. Kyle, my Grade 5/6 teacher was nice enough to let me get on the new Mac computers we had just received. And that's where I discovered Greebles.

Greebles is, in short, the greatest game ever developed. I'm not a gamer at all, as you can probably tell, but I was hooked. Greebles is a multi-player puzzle game, where you command little bulldozers. The trick is push the blocks to kill all the bad guys, to go onto the next level. It was revolutionary because you could network with other players, up to a maximum of 36 players. And I was the king.

Pretty soon, I got my whole class involved. But elementary school wasn't enough. I brought the phenomenon to Junior High. And guess what - within half a term, my Grade 7 class turned into Greebles maniacs as well. We would network with another class and have tournaments. And I was the daddy of them all.

I'm reminded of this game because it only works on Macs. My sudden interest in Apple reminded me of this delightful part of my childhood, and suddenly, I'm feeling reckless with my wallet. Of course, it'd be stupid if I based my decision to get a Macbook Pro completely on the basis of an urge to play a game but..........................screenshots below:



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