Monday, August 24, 2009

The Island ferry

Centre Island ferry

I've stopped going in recent years, but I was a frequent visitor to Toronto's Centre Island in my childhood. School trips and the like - also, being a poor immigrant, it was a good place to go to enjoy the day without spending a fortune. Maybe my tastes have changed - in any case, I still don't mind going.

My favourite part of the day was taking the ferry. Like the two above, I used to go on tiptoes to peer over the rail, to stare at the sailboats and seagulls. I miss the innocence, and to some level, the naïveté.

One thing I noticed taking the ferry is the people. Where you live says a lot about the type of people you see everyday, and taking the Island ferry gives you the opportunity to see people from generally all demographics. Interesting. People are................different.

Now, if only they set up a decent pub by the beach....yes, I'd be much more eager to visit the Islands.

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