Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just so American

In Time Magazine this week, this article: The Moment

I don't understand how these kinds of biased, anti-intellectual editorials are allowed to be printed in a world-class publication like Time. Calling Kim Jong-Il a lying maniac, a bizarro fascist? The author presents the usual narrow-minded viewpoint of lower middle class America, with none of the wit or thought that Time's readers deserve.

Again, we see this argument that because North Korea is a totalitarian state which may or may not be nuclear armed, the rest of the world should ignore it, even though in this case, the U.S. was righteous in negotiating with them because rescuing the 2 journalists was just so noble. But to be politically correct, the U.S. does not engage in dialogue with dictatorships. Right. You can thank your last president for that. By labelling North Korea as a cog in the Axis of Evil, you dimwits effectively shut off all doors. And in the years since, the best intelligence you've been able to get is blurry satellite images and the hearsay of deserters, who've escaped the country mainly to experience the delights of McDonalds and KFC.

Of course, instead of diplomacy and understanding your friends (or enemies, however you look at it), there's always another way. When America inevitably has to beat a hasty retreat from the Middle East because of plumetting public support and an inability to 'Mission Accomplished!', guess where the troops can go next!?

But going back to President Clinton's 'humanitarian mission', this was a win-win-WIN scenario. Obama opens a dialogue with North Korea, Clinton gets to be a hero, and Kim gets new propaganda material. Win-win-win. We'll see how dedicated this president is to diplomacy. This is a good start.

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