Friday, August 28, 2009

Liquid comfort

Liquid comfort

The golden rule of blogging is to never blog about work and never blog about your friends. In general, don't talk shit about people, and if you are, don't be specific.

I had a rough week. In general. I'm drinking my sorrows away. Sometimes you need something with a little more punch than riesling.

This weekend is going to be a weekend of fantastic seafood. We started tonight with an absolutely delicious dinner. Sea bream soup and fresh water crabs, all paired with a wonderful Champagne and old riesling. Incredible.

But sometimes you just need to drink. The time is now. My drink of choice is whisky. Let's see if my inevitable hangover will continue to tomorrow's dinner. Looking forward to it very much. Picked out some wines already. This is going to be a good weekend!

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