Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morning after whisky

I woke up with a raging headache and a thirst rivaling a beast. The peanut butter generously slathered on toast is helping with the jitters. Was it worth it?? Was it really worth it????

Yesterday, I insisted that we eat inside. I should have insisted a lot harder. By the time we finished cooking the scallops and sat down, it was raining already, lightly. We sat for a grand total of about 15 minutes outside, before it started getting ridiculous. I wasn't about to stand and bbq outside in the rain, and I wasn't going to make anyone else do it, so I just threw the food on the grill and hoped for the best. Mmm, seeing wonderful food turn into charcoal is fantastic.

I f*cking hate bbq.

Grilling is awful, and I still have no idea why I wanted to organize a bbq. Cooking over direct heat (flames and smoke) is barbaric. Scorched meat offers nothing in flavour. We're better than that. I'm better than that. Let's see a grill perfectly sear a sirloin, basted in butter, and finished a perfect medium-rare.

I f*cking hate bbq.

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