Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morning after

My hand's been cut in two places, instead of the one long slash I was treating. Ugly. It's swelling up, but at least the blood flow has stopped.

Last night was interesting. I'm so done with this supposed culture of clubbing and drinking yourself comatose every week. What is this? Is this really supposed to be fun? Screaming at each to be heard, getting your ear drums jackhammered by bad music, and drinking cheap disgusting alcohol, overpriced to match the egos of the douchebags who come to these places? I'm so done.

We were at C Lounge last night in downtown Toronto, to celebrate with a friend who was leaving for school. My views on what constitutes nightlife here has nothing to do with this friend, or why we were out. I'm just so opposed to this idea that this is what young people should do to have a good time. Vapid. Cheap.

Or maybe I'm just the oldest f*cking 23 year old in the world.

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