Sunday, August 16, 2009

Much gratitude, much love

After a night of eating, laughing, talking, discussing.......I am happy. Happy because this is what I envisioned my summer to be. Many, many thanks to our two hosts, and family, for the generosity and hospitality you gave us tonight. Finest BBQ I've ever experienced. The mountain of food you prepared was savoury and delicious, with enough variety to fill several menus. Many thanks. I'll see you guys soon, after your exam. Much love.

So I'm thinking, after all the discussion......I am what I am. I don't think I'm willing, or able, to change for anything, anyone. I'm above all a realist, but more truthfully, a sensualist. I'll readily forsake all rational thought in exchange for a moment of happiness and satisfaction. Life is f*cked as it is. We need to enjoy the glimmers of joy we manage to find, whether it's a quick chat with friends, or a glass of wine that you didn't expect to be so profound. I try to pay attention, because details matter. And I live for sensual experiences. Even the boneheaded ones.

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