Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tawdry bastards


This is what I received in the mail on Friday. LCBO's 3rd offer for 2008 Bordeaux En Primeur. What a cheap, transparent campaign to capitalize on Parker's recently released scores.

Okay, the full story: as you may have noticed, I began writing about 2008 Bordeaux Futures a while ago. 2008 was an excellent vintage; certainly, the quality was much higher than speculated last year. To account for the economic downturn, and price gouging for 2006 and 2007, the Bordelais agreed to reduce prices, at up to 40% off from last year. Fantastic right?

LCBO released two offers already: one in May and the other in June. These two offers all came without Parker scores - he was among the last to release. The general consensus among wine writers and critics was that although 2008 was a wonderful vintage, it was not as legendary as 2005. What does Parker say? He places 2008 on the same level as 2005, and of course, prices for the First Growths instantly shoot up.

Which leads us to this 3rd Offer. The only reason for LCBO to release another offer is for an opportunity to leverage Parker's scores for more sales. You cheeky little git. The new releases are pitiful. 6 or 7 wines, with the centerpiece being Lafleur at about $650+ a bottle. Down with monopolies!!


Ask and you shall receive. I wrote earlier this week about the lack of decent Champagne being released by the LCBO. Next week's release will feature two Grand Cru Champagnes, at relatively reasonable prices. Bubbly, anyone?

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