Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aww, leave it the fuck out. WHo the fuck leaves their car alarm blaring at this time of night? Oh what the fuck, you fucking imbecile. Great, now the fucking alarm is varying its degree and pitch. You motherfucker, thanks for waking me up. In 30 seconds I'm taking a fucking bat to the windshield.


Blogger's note:

Look at that.....look at the horrific profanity. But I don't appreciate inconsiderate louts who wake up the entire neighbourhood late at night, and who don't know how to shut off their car alarms. You press the damn red button!! Really, come on...it's not that difficult of a concept. I keep my windows open when I sleep, and the beeping was so loud and sudden I jumped up out of bed. Unbelievable man, just unbelieeeeeeeeeeeevable.

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