Friday, September 4, 2009

2007 Pouilly-Fumé

2007 Francis Blanchet

2007 Francis Blanchet Calcite, AC Pouilly-Fumé

This was the wine that I was really excited about. Our second wine of the evening. What else to pair a Loire white than oysters? Classic.

This is a darker wine, with gold hints, but still very young at the rim. Wow, what an intense nose. Lots of vegetal aromas - green pepper, onion, cloves. An oyster shell minerality as well. An absence of fruit, but very, very interesting. On the palate, a bit more citrus shows, but the green flavours continue. Lots of weight on the texture, which is wonderful. A touch of oak on the smokey, lengthy finish. Just when you think the oak is making the wine too flabby, a rush of acidity appears at the end, and cleanses your palate wonderfully. A delicious, delicious wine.

Now, there are a few moments in your life when the food you eat achieves perfect harmony with the wine in the glass. This was one of those eternal moments. Kumamoto oysters have this incredible creaminess and richness to them, and with this wine, there is perfection. The creamy textures of both mix, as do the brininess of the oyster and minerality of the wine. Both finish so refreshingly. A clear beginning, middle, and end to both. What an experience. One of the most memorable palate memories in my life.

What food, what wine!!

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