Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big day

I just had one hell of a day. Big day for me. Personal training. Shoulders, biceps, and abs. Crazy. He wants to see how far he can push me, to where I'll just scream and give up. It's not going to happen.

The insane shit I do for wine. I just came back from a whirlwind tour of North York's LCBO locations. Rushed out after dinner to the Wilson/Dufferin location, to pick up some wines. Big Napa wines, as well as a very special Ontario wine. But just as I pulled into a parking space, I look down, and oh shit, I forgot both my wallet and my phone. So, back home and back out again. Shit. And this location didn't have a lot of the wines. LCBO shuts doors at 9pm, and at this point, it was 8:26pm. Off to Bayview Village! There in 9 minutes, where I proceed to fly through the store like a fucking addict looking for a fix. And I found everything! Wonderful Californian wines to put away. You know what's sad? I bought 18 wines today, and 16 of them are going straight into the cellar.

I lost my mind today, after I secured all my wines. I mistook someone else's car for my own. What the hell, I never make this mistake. I walk out with a case and for some reason, I stopped in front of the wrong black Accord. I was wondering why the fuck the car looked so dirty, until I pressed the trunk release on my remote, and the trunk on the car to the right flew open. Shit. How embarrassing.

But at least I got all my wine. Le Clos Jordanne, anyone?


  1. I long for the days when Bayview Village used to be open until 11pm, 6 days a week...

  2. Yeah right? But then I'd just be happy if they put out all the release wines on time.