Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dish of the harvest

I was developing a dish this weekend. Wild mushroom fricassée with roasted shallots, butter potatoes, and a parsley coulis. Lovely. Cooked the dish 2 times before I presented it in front of other people.

I'm pleased with it. The chicken stock I used was absolutely amazing, full of savoury richness and flavour. That was the key. The flavours of mushroom combined perfectly with the cognac I used, while still retaining the true taste of mushroom. Shallots need some work - my mistake was trusting my father to buy them for me. Fucking pea sized shallots don't cook well. My fucking bollocks were bigger.

For the potato, I boiled them, sliced thickly, then seared on both sides in 100% butter. Beautiful. The parsley coulis took a bit of experimenting, but it came out well. I was scared of the overt herbaceousness that parsley can have, but the coulis came out subtle, and beautifully flavoured by the butter.

This is a dish for autumn. All the flavours of each component come together so well. There is incredible concentration of flavour, so each ingredient still tastes like itself. And that was key. I need to post the photos of this dish.

Hmm..maybe I should do this for the dinner. Having three pans going on at once wasn't so bad now, was it?

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