Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hatching a master plan...

Nice. Just finished a great dinner service. Cooked 5 courses for 7 people. They're still sitting downstairs yapping, so I guess everything's ok. I don't mind cooking for family friends, it'd just be nice if you can offer more than, 'It tastes nice', for a critique. Indulge me a little. Hurt my feelings by crapping on my dishes a bit, I love it. Since I won't get an honest opinion from anyone on the table, I'll offer my own. Everything was fucking delicious and cooked perfectly. Half the credit goes to the fresh produce and seafood I bought today, but I think I deserve a little credit for delivering honest dishes that showed the true taste of each ingredient. My only failure was putting the bread under my mussels. The broth completely soaked through, making the bread look like a fucking soggy sponge. A dog wouldn't eat that shit.

Chilled with some old friends last night. Good. You know, if these things are nice and intimate, it wouldn't be a bad idea if we cooked ourselves. Well, it wouldn't be a bad idea if I cooked.

Anyways. I'm working on a menu, a big one, that I hope to execute soon. I'm having a few people over who'll actually tell me what they think of the food, instead of blowing smoke up my ass. People with taste. Going up to Niagara as well. With the harvest coming up, I want to witness the action and excitement firsthand. Exciting things.

Oh, and did I mention the next LCBO release will be epic?

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