Wednesday, September 2, 2009 know

The Globe and Mail has a quiz today, called, How active was your university dating life? Yeah, I didn't do it. Really don't need anything more aggravation, or anything to induce me to start drinking in the middle of the week.

A friend of mine has begun growing tomatoes in her backyard. I was over there this Sunday, and it's inspired me to think about growing my own food. Tomatoes in the supermarket don't smell like tomatoes anymore. There's nothing quite like the wild scent of a ripening tomato, all brambes and sharp, tangy, green aromas. Beautiful.

When the time is right, when I have a backyard big enough and situated properly to grow crops, I'm going to plant some tomato. Add in a trellising system, cover for winter - it'll be great. Tomatoes are quite like grapes, in fact. You have to trellis the vines, you have to prune, you have to drop fruit, and you have to limit irrigation to intensify flavour.

Another stop on my way to becoming a gentleman farmer. Now, just need a backyard with good soil and the adequate sun exposure......

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