Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NV Cava

NV Pere Ventura

NV Pere Ventura Cava Brut Nature, Penedés

Finally, here we are. The fourth, and final, bottle of the our epic seafood dinner. To finish things off, a sparkling wine. I love ending dinner with something that picks you up, and I often turn to these kinds of wines over something sweet and syrupy.

Like the others, a light yellow, pale colour. Fine mousse. Much rounder on the nose, with an eggy, custard aroma. Very interesting. Lots of citrus in the mouth, but the finish drops off, as first noted by a dinner companion with a sharp palate. Good balance, with no length.

Good quartet of wines. Spain really has the ability to produce very drinkable sparkling wines that deliver some of the characteristics I love in Champagne. Well done.

Recall what dinner I was referring to:

Gastronomic extravagance

Photographic extravagance

NV Cava

2007 Pouilly-Fumé

2008 Marlborough

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