Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picking at grapes

Picking at grapes.

Over the 3 years that I've been exploring Niagara in depth, I've seen and learned many things. Meeting with producers and walking the vineyards has given me a much deeper and meaningful understanding of wine. In my quest to see the vineyards at each stage of development and season, I'm planning to do down this Friday, to experience the harvest.

There may be a problem.

We've been seeing rain everyday for nearly a week now. Cold temperatures as well. This can't be good. From what I've heard, everyone was looking to harvest beginning sometime around the end of this week - who knows what to do now...

I have no knowledge, no training, no experience in the actual production of wine, but I think I would have started picking last week. It started pouring heavily on Saturday, and I would have gone out to the fields then. We had about 3 weeks of beautiful sun and weather, and if the grapes can't achieve physical and phenolic ripeness after that, then they never will. What are you waiting for? A miracle of blue skies and bright sun?

I would have risked picking slightly underripe fruit over waterlogged berries. And that's what they are now. It's been raining, almost nonstop for nearly a week - dilution must be a problem.

We'll see on Friday. Going in with the hard questions, in search of the truth.

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