Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dinner in a few weeks. The dinner. I shall call it..................................The Dinner of the Harvest.

For the past few weekends, I've been developing and experimenting with the different ingredients and techniques I want to present. It's a bit of work, but very rewarding. Learned a lot through trial and error, but more importantly, I feel more calm and confident about putting a dish together. No more frenetic running around. If you run through something enough in your head, the execution is much smoother.

I learned that I need to work alone in the kitchen. I can't have people milling around me, all trying to chip in about how they think I should be cooking. That's why cooking with your mother is a fucking nightmare. You can't tell her off, and she always ends up butting in and taking over. Cooking is not a spectator sport. Get out of my kitchen.

Of all the things I've been developing, it's mainly working on sauces and presentation. It's about timing everything so that what you're cooking, the sauce, and the garnish all comes together in perfect sequence. As for presentation, it's not so much making it flowery (because you know how much I hate flowery shit), but making it look clean and put together. Swirling the sauce in an artful way around the plate is a lot fucking harder than it looks.

I need to head out today to pick up some tools. I need a palate knife and a core remover, among other things. It looks positively chilly outside, no? Busy day today. Family dinner to go to, and then drinks afterwards. Anything to get me out of there.

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