Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm listening to Pavarotti and Sinatra right now. Maestros, all around.

Well, that was a waste of time, no? I went out to the Shops at Don Mills. Just got back. A friend told me to check it out. I wanted to see if there was a decent kitchen tools store where I could find some things. There was nothing. Just vapid clothing stores, one after another. To be fair, half the place is still under construction, so there really isn't much to see. But really, do you need 5 or 6 shoe stores in a row?

The highlight was a little restaurant I found, built next to McNally Robinson. Sort of a high-class Chapters. It's called Prairie Ink. Local, seasonal, simple foods, which I love. We had coffee (some organic bean), bread, and scones. Everything's baked fresh. The coffee was wonderful, and the breads were absolutely delicious. I don't even like sweet breads so much, but the lemon and blueberry bread was wonderful. Soft, moist, with the perfect amount of buttery sweetness. The pumpkin scone was great - a bit crusty, great consistency. Lovely. And to top it all off, our server was the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Pretty girl. This place, the bee's knees.

So I guess it wasn't a waste of time. Still need a palate knife though.

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