Sunday, September 6, 2009


What's going on now, just what's going on? I slept at nearly 5am last night (this morning) and I was awake at 9. Tossing and turning, with a pounding headache, raging urge to puke over the side of my bed, and now, a violent hunger. I've been up since 11:15 - what's going on. Less than 7 hours of sleep on Sundays now?

May have overindulged a bit last night.

Should I go work out today? Really should be sticking to my schedule, regardless of long weekend, hangover, depression, or otherwise. I think I may have a problem. When a beautiful bottle of riesling is no longer enough, and I begin shooting half a bottle of whisky, something is wrong.

It's a beautiful day in Toronto today. I should go out and do something.

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