Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Steel and sharp

I'm turning into a domestic. Nothing makes me happier now than walking in a kitchen store, among all the pans, knives, and kitchen tools. Williams-Sonoma is fantastic, but you really can't justify charging $50 for a palate knife. Yeah, I was at Yorkdale yesterday. Really, they need something in between a Williams-Sonoma and a Crate and Barrel. Off to Bayview Village!

I bought a few dishtowels. I'm now wearing a blazing purple towel while I cook. Awesome.

Big week this week. How come it feels like things are getting so busy now that it's (officially) autumn? Damn. And I still need a core remover and a palate knife. Big release this week as well. Here we go again.

But Williams-Sonoma carries a beautiful line of Shun knives. Absolutely amazing chef's knife. I think I know what my next big kitchen purchase will be...

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