Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The triumphant return

I'm back.

Excuse the fleeting madness. I blame it on the a---a-a-a---a-al-cohol.

Doing things differently. Taking 7 days off was fucking long enough. A bit more focused, figured some things out. Yeah, a lot of shit can go down in a week. Drank a lot of wine, developed some new dishes, and really have better sense.

Should be clear now. My friends understand...my true friends. I'm an incomplete, flawed, arrogrant, narcissistic fucker, but guess what, I'm not about to change anytime soon. I'm fucking old enough to not compromise.

Onto better things. A few activities to look forward to. Trip up to Niagara, close to the harvest. Yes. Another extravagant dinner planned. One man, 10 courses, everything fresh and in season.

I'm a bit irate, but yes, like Mike, I'm fucking back, and I'm going for a double nickel.

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