Sunday, October 25, 2009

1995 Rheingau

1995 Balthasar Ress

1995 Balthasar Ress Riesling Kabinett, Hallgartener Jungfer, Rheingau

So, everyone's out of the house, I can chill. Prepared to polish off this bottle - the last bottle of riesling I'll be drinking for the next few months. Celebrating what little Indian summer we're seeing, I suppose. Need to relax a bit and calm down - things need to keep moving along. Yes, I may have died a little inside, but that's no excuse.

Join me as I taste this wine. Decanted for about 2 hours. Oh what the hell am I talking about - you don't have this bottle so how can you follow along? No, for once, I'm going to be an absolutely selfish prick and enjoy something for myself. Because I'm a man of taste, and you're all just observing.

Stay tuned. Watching a movie is always better a bit buzzed. I give myself until 8:30 for the effect to take hold.


--- 8:04 pm

Just finished the first glass. Gorgeous colour, gorgeous perfume. In and down, easy.

---9:00 pm

This is getting better and better for me. Is it for you?

---9:47 pm

Empty house means another opportunity for culinary development. Cooked a beautiful, and I do mean beautiful, wild mushroom fricassée with a ratatouille of zuchinni. Cooking time of 24 minutes, from when I washed my hands to when I sat down to eat. Ideally, I'd like to get my time down to around 15 minutes, but I'm reminded that I had nothing prepped. Absolutely delicious, pleasing to both eye and palate. Married beautifully with my minerally, high-strung wine.

---10:18 pm

Tonight's turning out not so bad, no? Who the fuck am I kidding, thing's are still awful. Still alone, yes? Yes. I'm a little tipsy. Not even standing up. Can you tell?

---10:35 pmm

This is getting better and better. I'm past the point of actually taking this seriously. Just drinking. Minimal sniffing, just going for it. Good times. Which reminds me - RokChoi, we need to just get drunk. Forget all this intellectual food and wine shit. Someitmes a man jus needs to get toasted, am I right, am I right??

---10:48 pm

Done. Getting into a shower. The bottle was good, mes amis. It was a fine wine. It's making me more profound, and definitely a better person. Yes. It's a Sunday night. Work week starting in less than 12 hours. Here we go again!

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  1. Nice review on 1995 Balthasar Ress Riesling Kabinett, Hallgartener Jungfer, Rheingau. Enjoyed your 2 hours. keep on sharing some more incidence like this.

  2. I'll be perfectly honest with you, before my drunkeness wears off. Are you for real? I appreciate the comments and all, but come on, you have to notice it yourself - everything you write is the same thing. Exact same wording, same structure. Suspiciously the same.

    Not to insult or anything, but come on - I try to be a bit creative in what I write. In any case, thanks for the comment, and for visiting. Really, not being sarcastic. It's been a good 2 hours of drunken debauchery.