Monday, October 12, 2009

2005 Sauternes

2005 Château Suau

2005 Château Suau, AC Sauternes 2ème Grand Cru Classé

I love Sauternes. My friends think that I don't like sweet wines. Or rather, I shouldn't like them. But why? And stop calling them dessert wines! Dammit, these shouldn't even be referred to as sweet wines, they are wines like all else!

In November of last year, LCBO released this wine. I picked up a few bottles (37.5 cL) but my mother saw it on sale this month and insisted on buying on. Or rather, she insisted that I buy a bottle for her to taste. We drank to finish a big meal, and this turned out to be a wonderful wine.

Double decanted like the last wine, and chilled. The cork is showing all the signs of the improper storage that LCBO is well famous for. Stood upright, under bright lights and warm temperatures for months? Yeah, perfect. The cork is stained 2/3 of the way up with wine and starting to mold already.

Golden colour, but starting to just slightly turn amber at the core. Disturbing, for such a young Sauternes to see a darkening of colour. Quite a nice surprise then, to see that the bouquet of the wine was showing well. Lots of honey and citrus, ripe oranges and apricot. Very fresh fruit. On the mouth, this wine has a beautiful texture, with good weight and creaminess. It's so well-balanced, with sweetness, but with restraint. High acidity for a Sauternes. Not a lot of botrytis character, but this wine is so young, and this vintage so ripe with fruit that we can't be too hasty in our judgement. Finishes with an appetizing bitterness, with good length. A delicious, crisp Sauternes.

I'm very pleased with this wine. Delicious, just a delicious wine that I can't wait to drink again in 10 years.


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