Saturday, October 10, 2009


And I'm back from the farmer's market. Saw lots of beautiful squash, potato, fruit.....and arugula! Yes, I'm very, very excited, and I'm so ready for next week.

Got some new toys as well, from Junor's. A new apron, core remover, and a beautiful wine decanter funnel. And of course, picked up a few wines from this week's release.

Busy day today - great start to the Thanksgiving weekend. Drinking a beautiful Portuguese red wine tonight, as well as a Sauternes. Married alongside a few wonderful cuts of New York striploin I picked up at St. Lawrence Market, green beans, and butter potato. Got to get to work now...sorry for the dry posts this week, photos will be up soon.

I'm getting smashed tonight on some fabulous wines. Here we go again!


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