Monday, October 26, 2009

Convocation 2009


DF: unlined Paul Stuart wool jacket, Brooks Brothers OCBD shirt, Ralph Lauren silk tie, Wings & Horns jeans, Brown's leather boots. DF, all sexy, all shine.

My friend PYeung graduated this weekend. Convocation! She's the pretty little miss in the middle. Pris, I'm so proud of you. Graduating from the best Architecture program in Canada is no small accomplishment. Just a step in your way to success, but nevertheless, a cause for celebration. Congratulations to Lucy as well. Y'all finally got your colours.

Bit rude if I cropped out Hoolio's fugliness on the left? Come on dude - it's a convocation, not a UW Drama Club performance. You know what I noticed? They stopped shaking hands. When the students kneel before the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, there's no more hand-shaking. Just some smiling, a few pleasantries, and they place your colours on you. Not like my convocation at all - Vice-Chancellor Johnston shook my hand warmly and we spoke for a relatively long time. Another reason why this H1N1 situation is getting out of hand.


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  1. Thank you David once again for attending my convocation. Honestly, I was not expecting anybody to show up other than my family and my special photographer ROKCHOI.

    I absolutely have to agree on what you say about Mr. H's outfit of the day. He does require a slight makeover :p But at the same time, I felt absolutely grateful of his presence.

    5 years of undergraduate studies in architecture was definitely not an easy journey. But it was an awesome experience. Not only did it let me further explore my interest in design, it also allowed me to go to places that I have never been. It was a great 5 years of my life, especially because of those precious people that I met there.