Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DOH - 2003 LBV Port

2003 Fonseca LBV

2003 Fonseca Unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage Porto, Bottled 2009, Oporto

LBV, of course, stands for Late Bottled Vintage, and refers to vintage port that is aged in cask for longer than the 2 years required for vintage port. Excellent. This example is unfiltered, which is always great. About 6 years in cask.

Decanted for 12 hours. Not much sediment, but I did leave it standing up overnight. Wow, dark colour. Very, very inky, and stains the glass in a beautifully opaque purple. Complex, rich nose of dark, juicy berries, brambles, savoury meat aromas, and dark chocolate. Wow. In the mouth is where the magic of port is more apparent. An extremely powerful, rich wine.

I never really understood what 'grippy' tannins referred to - now I know. The tannins grip and wrap around your palate like a good long hug from someone you quite like. Long finish, just absolutely delicious.

I wanted to marry this wine with the two cuts of beef. Simple steak au poivre works really well with a complex, powerful port. And it did - for me. The delicious tannins really help. The understated sweetness helps bring out the wonderful richness of the beef. Wow, my mouth is watering.


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