Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DOH - Intermezzo


A little sweetness, to separate the courses. We need to rest a bit, and cleanse the palate. A fresh strawberry sorbet. This was the only dish I made the previous day. Blend fresh strawberries, add in a bit of simple syrup to sweeten, and lime juice to pick things up. You need to let is settle in the freezer for at least 24 hours. As you know, sorbets have no cream - that's why they work as a palate-cleanser. But, there's a lot of water inside, so after the first freeze, there's lots of ice crystals. Not that great of a feeling in your mouth, when you're crunching down on hard ice.

Blend again. It gives it that creaminess that's so supple, you have to remind yourself that this is just fruit and syrup. Beautiful. Topped with frozen Concord grapes. There's texture, there's flavour, there's a freshness - I can't think of anything more perfect way to rest your palate to prepare for more goodness.


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