Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DOH - Le Plat Principal Deux


Onto the meats! At this point, we had been eating about 4 hours, but clearly, still going strong. I'm not a big lamb man, but these lamb loins are wonderful.

I don't do sauces. So I wanted to flavour the oil that I was searing it in. Bay leaves, whole peppercorns, fresh rosemary (bought by the bunch from St. Lawrence). Hot pan, olive oil, all the herbs in. Again, season the lamb 10 minutes prior to cooking. Sear hard on both sides, oven to roast. As you're waiting, asparagus into boiling water, 30 seconds, done. Simple. Delicious.

The rosemary lends a lot of flavour and herbaciousness, so the key is to temper it out. You want to enhance the flavour of lamb, without changing what it is. That is the target of all cooks. Or rather, that should be what each cook strives to achieve.

Wonderfully pink inside, so tender and juicy. Paired with the subtlety of the asparagus, just delicious.


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