Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DOH - Le Plat Principal Trois


I really wanted game for dinner. Rabbit, venison, something...but when all you see is roadkill rabbit at the butcher, you go back to what you know. Something fresh, something delicious. Red meat, arrrr!!!

Two cuts of beef, a rib bone and a NY striploin. Served with a cognac mushroom sauce. Oh, I love flamethrowing in the kitchen.

Season beef 10 minutes prior. Hot pan, olive oil, sear. Baste with butter. Because of my pathetically small pan, I had to sear both pieces separately, in separate pans. Yeah, two steaks going on simultaneously, on opposite sides of the stuff. Flipping, basting - I've never attempted this before. But I managed. Into the oven, cooked to a perfect medium-rare.

As the steaks roast, start off your mushrooms. Same pan, no need to add more oil. Toss in high heat, add white wine and cognac. Light it on fire, let it burn off and ladle in chicken stock. Simmered on high heat, and my timing was perfect. Water boiled off, reduced beautifully just as the beef was taken out of the oven. Rest the beef for 5 minutes, slice. Rib bone in the background, NY striploin in the foreground.

Cooked perfectly. I've never done steak like this before. Just perfect. Juicy, flavoursome, so tender. I really love NY striploin, but the rib bone was so tender, so succulent...wonderful! And the cognac mushrooms - wow. No need to say anymore.





  1. it was pointed out to me that we had this dish at 11pm..lol

  2. hahah..did you tell her that we were at hour 5 of dinner?

    but 11:08 pm does seem quite late for setting fires.