Monday, October 19, 2009

DOH - L'Entrée Un


A beautiful salad of basil, arugula, and green apple slices, lightly tossed in a fragrant white wine vinaigrette. Simple and absolutely delicious. The basil in particular was stunning. The key, of course, is how fresh the greens are. I bought the entire stalk of each vegetable, roots attached. Plucked the leaves off 5 minutes before serving, to maintain moisture. Very lightly tossed in a freshly made vinaigrette - too much dressing and it just gets soggy and far too acidic. Apples have to be done quickly too...I hate having to acidify it to prevent it rusting over.

The inspiration was a desire for a clean looking salad, combining the fresh taste of plump vegetables, the sweetness of ripe apples, and the tang of a light vinaigrette. As you can, no black pepper was used. What can be more beautiful than a vividly green dish? Wonderful start to the meal, to get the appetite working and the palate tuned. A friend said that the dish was like a boxing match of flavours in the mouth. TKO.

Those are my hands. White plaster on left don't want to know how I got injured.



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