Monday, October 19, 2009

DOH - L'Apéritif



Let's start the meal off right. No one pays any attention to detail anymore. Tablecloth has to be pressed and clean. Placemats as well. Candles lit up for the wine. Stemware polished and shiny. Cutlery too. You don't understand how obsessive I can be about details like these. Obsessive. But in a positive, constructive way. You don't want to drink wine out of glasses with water spots on it, do you?

Starting with lovely, fresh, baguettes and olives. The proper olives, with the pits intact. How lazy do you have to be to go for the pitted olives? Huh? Come on, it just gets more and more flavoursome as you keep nibbling. Drizzled with olive oil, just fantastic. Served with a sparkling wine, in detail next. And some Pellegrino as well!


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