Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good to go

Ready and chomping at the bit. I'm good to go baby, good to go. The Dinner of the Harvest this weekend, an event I've been preparing for, for the past 6 weeks. No joke. I've put together a menu that I think shows off fresh Ontario produce that's in season and absolutely delicious. Only the finest and freshest.

I fully appreciate how difficult putting menus together are. Devising the actual dish you want is probably the easiest part. What's complex is working out the logistics - where to source the produce, the seafood, the meat. Then, how to time the cooking so you don't leave guests waiting for more than 15 minutes in between courses. And of course, how many plates you need, and which plate for each dish. So after all that, the cooking is the easiest part. Simple. Just the correct application of heat.

I've worked out the wines I'm marrying to each dish already, a few bottles that I've been aching to open. Now, if I had 36 stems to work with, so that I can use one glass for each wine - that would be great. But, you do the most with what you have, and hope for the best.

Ready and itching to go.


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