Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the dark

In the dark

Sunday was a big day for me. I moved about 5 cases of wine out to a friend's cellar. I really can't thank my friend enough for offering such a perfect space for my wines. Thank you, a million times over.

I don't collect wine. Collecting is offensive to me, especially with wine. It implies trophyism. Wine no longer becomes for drinking, but for display. And that is vulgar. No, I like to think that I assemble wines, to drink over the course of its maturity, and to always have the appropriate wine for whatever meal we're having.

When you're putting together a cellar, you can't help but be over-protective. Now you know why I insist on following LCBO releases so closely - it's to minimize the time that the wine sits upright, in a bright and warm environment, all hell for proper wine storage.

Recorded, boxed, sealed, delivered. All in 45 minutes. Things are getting a bit busy in there. Soon. Soon, I'll have a permanent place for my bottles. I can only hope that it's as perfect as this.


In the dark

In the darkIn the dark


  1. What ever the wine or where or how it is stored, it should be recorded in Vinote Cellar, where every wine can be tracked, maintaining an accurate inventory no matter how much wine is consumed.
    Cheers James
    Cellar with confidence, cellar with Vinote.

  2. Is that a temperature and humidity sealed cellar or just a cold room in the basement? Basement cold rooms in Toronto tend to fluctuate from a few degree in winter to high 10s in summer. Also, the ideal humidity level should be around 60-70%. In my cold room, it's always under 50%. Not so good for long term storage. Cork will dry out in a few years even though the bottles are laid down. Wine will also suffer from the inadequate temperature as well.

  3. Great points, thanks for the comment!

    It was originally designed as a cold room, but the door is well sealed. When I was there, it was about 16-17 degrees celsius outside, but about 12-13 degrees inside. 70-75% humidity. Looks good to me. I'm a man who doesn't care too much about seasonal fluctuations - I believe the storage of wine should correspond with seasons. That is to say, I don't believe that maintaining 13 degrees year round is beneficial. Of course, major fluctuations is hell, but I'm quite happy with my situation right now.

    If only my cellar will be as perfect.

  4. Hi David,
    This is Li, aka your friend's daughter. First of all I love your blog! I really enjoy reading some of my friends' blogs and I must say yours is one of the most sophisticated in writing and style. Secondly, I did notice your wine collection in my cellar and was very tempted at one point to steal one to taste, too bad you had it all recorded down perfectly. This is the first time I saw my cellar online, lol you made it look bigger than it actually is. My mom is gonna be quite happy when she hears that you called our cellar "perfect", too bad we will be selling house soon :(. Last but not least I think your Dorian Gray post is very amusing, its one of my all time favorite book.

    Enjoy your wines and happy new year!