Monday, October 19, 2009

In love with food


Here we go. Completed Dinner of the Harvest on Saturday. Dinner of the Harvest. Cheesy as all hell, no? But cheese goes fabulously with wine, so indulge me.

I executed as well as I dreamed. That's why you plan and develop in advance, to avoid unexpected mishaps, which you then have to explain to your guests. When I cook, I aim for perfection, and I'll slit my throat before I present dinner guests with anything less than a complete effort on the plate. You can't cheat, you can't cut corners. Everything bought on the same day, depending on what's fresh and in season. There's no way you can prepare hours in advance. The greens, the seafood, the meats - everything cooked to order. No, you can't season the meat 2 hours prior. You can't cook the sauces hours earlier and then reheat. Done to order. All of it.

So this is sounding a bit self-congratulatory, but I deserve it. It was as much a confirmation of my talents as it was......................well, I can't think of anything clever to add. But I pulled it off. 10 courses, 7 covers, 5 wines: 7 hours of culinary bliss.

I'm in a preening kind of mood. Like a peacock. So I'm going to dedicate each subsequent post to a single course. Much appreciation to my dinner guests - you make every burn, every oil sear, every cut, every wrist sprain, every little detail, and every little effort worth it.

Full photo sets courtesy of my friend, always indulging me with fantastic documentation of all the magic. Blog posts here, and photo sets here.


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