Saturday, October 3, 2009

In photos


Sniffing cask samples of 2008 Lailey Vineyard Pinot Noir

At Lailey

Sniffing cask samples of 2008 Lailey Vineyard Syrah

At Lailey

Derek pouring 2001 Lailey Vineyard Chardonnay

At Lailey

Derek and I discussing the sterility of the world's wines

All the photos were taken by my running mate Rocky. Sometimes I feel we take Rocky for granted - he never hesitates to shoot whenever we ask. So much appreciation for that. Derek and I talked for well over 2 hours, about Lailey, about Niagara, and about wine in general. It was a great conversation. Derek was so generous about opening his wines for us, especially the chardonnay shown above. Here is a man who believes in the majesty of old wines. This is a man of the true, uncompromising taste.

Look at the photos - I assure you, I do drink the wines, even though I'm only shown sniffing them. DF's nose tells all!


  1. I'm convinced that your copy of the 50mm is sharper than mine. the D90 performs wonderfully in high ISOs.

  2. They do look great, no? The video you took turned out quite well too - I'm in the process of editing. Let's take all video next time, put together a short clip.