Sunday, October 4, 2009

In planning

Something's up. The last 4 trips that I've made to Niagara have all fallen on days of bad weather and heavy rains. June 2008 - fog and summer thunderstorms. December 2008 - fog blanket, sheet rain, and hurricane winds. March 2009 - blast of winter wind, downpour. And October 2009 - 20mm of rain, high wind. Funny how these things work. But you have to appreciate my persistence and dedication. In the quest for true wine, there's no one more hard-assed than me.

We missed Nuit Blanche this year. Too sick, too cold outside. Next year?

So, I'm going about planning the Dinner of the Harvest. Logistics are a bit of a pain, but I've been developing the dishes I want to serve and things are going well. Next steps: sourcing.

I'm drinking green tea like my livelihood depends on it. In recovery from all the wine I drank, Friday and yesterday. Wow I drank a lot. But you needn't worry about me. I stopped getting tipsy from fine wine.

This post is getting a bit indulgent. But really, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, when you're a bit lazy.............more on the wines I drank yesterday, for Mid-Autumn Festival.

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