Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I skipped the gym all last week to recover from my cold in time for our Niagara trip. Of course, my cold didn't entirely go away, but at least my nose and palate was running at 85% of full capacity. Good to go.

Back to working out this week. Oh yes, it's painful. Sore everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! I think I'm going to shower and sleep now. Release this weekend, the rest of my 2006 Bordeaux Futures is finally coming in, and Thanksgiving this weekend. Preparing a massive dinner - practice begins on Friday. Will begin developing Friday night, so that come Sunday, I won't be a putz. Pan-seared fish, roasted beets, my own cranberry sauce, and a beautiful hand-cut potato crisp.

The blog's been performing extraordinarily well this week. What can I say, I must be doing something right. My Thornhill homies are kicking it up a notch. Here we go again!


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