Friday, October 2, 2009

Off to the dirt and vines

Waiting for my comrades to arrive and then we're off to Beamsville. A day of tramping around the dirt, among the vines. Sinuses starting to flare up, but shouldn't be an issue. The palate is still sound and well.

Hoping to learn, and experience the harvest. We'll see. Kicking off the greatest wine trip I've ever done.


Blogger's note, 11:31pm:

Ok, we're just dropping like flies. Two comrades are out with the cold. My buddy that remains is sick as well, just like me. And our third amigo needs to head back at 4:30. Yeah, this is turning out to be a fine wine trip. If need be, I'll go alone. Can't risk ruining what goodwill I've managed to establish up there.

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