Friday, October 9, 2009

On fish

I've been trying to cook fish in a different way. The Chinese way is to steam, which has its merits. The key, as always, is to have the freshest fish. Preferably live and still kicking, which preserves its tender texture and succulent flavour.

Lately, I've gone more towards roasting fish. Buy the fish whole, then fillet yourself. Pan sear in a high heat, finish in the oven. The results have been delicious. Certainly, refinements have to be made, but I'm pleased with what I'm tasting. Especially since today was just my 2nd time with this dish.

You know what's a bit scary? The striped bass I bought today was so vigorous that even after it was killed, even after the internal organs were removed, the meat was still quivering as I filleted it. I definitely need a better knife to do this kind of work. Almost sliced off the tip of my left index finger, I was so startled.

First thing on my to-do list tomorrow is to pick up a palate knife, for more intricate work in the pan.


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