Thursday, October 15, 2009

Porsche Panamera at Holt Renfrew


Here we go. Last night, Holt Renfrew hosted an event unveiling the 2010 Porsche Panamera. And I was there to witness all the glory! Pulled up, dressed in our finest, and let the valet take care of all. Yes, DF was going to be a boss for the night.

We pulled in behind a man driving a beautiful white Porsche Targa 4S with Alberta plates. That's a man who looks like he belongs at an event like this. Likewise for the stunning Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG. And the black Audi A8. But we're ok. I had my royal crown lapel pin on.

Stepping in, a server glided over with a few flutes of Champagne. Nice. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial. For the folks who equate fine taste in wine with brand recognition. I shouldn't be judging though - I have little class and even less breeding, but I suspect that the social butterflies who attend these things are no better. Oops.

Lots of servers handing out hors d'oeurvres. Some were mediocre, but the rice cake with shitake and oyster mushrooms was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, most of the stuff was taken out of fridge - rice would have been much better warm. What made it better? The servers looked smashing. There was a pretty ivory-skinned brunette who walked by us a few times - I joked to my friend that she was giving us a knowing, 'I know you little fuckers are here on someone else's charity, but just chill and fill your stomachs.' So pretty. I love girls in ponytails.

Right, the car. The reason why we went. We heard David Donohue speak, who comes from a pretty impressive racing dynasty. He just recently won the Daytona 24, among his other victories. Great. Donohue was introduced as part of Holt's Style Rules Speaker Series. I was a bit disappointed because only the first 5 minutes was interesting. The remainder was a slick sales pitch on behalf of Porsche. The CEO of Porsche Canada who was up next was even tackier. Come on can do better. Don't stoop to that level. Leave that shit for the Ford folks.

And then, with a whoosh, the cover was rolled off the car. What a surprise - 2 pairs of beautiful models stepped out. They had been sitting inside the car, under the covers for at least an hour. Beautiful, genetically gifted, white, blond, tall people. Yeah, life's not fair.

The Panamera is an enormous car. My goodness - lengthwise, width, it's huge! Huge. The model shown was in a new colour - cognac. Sort of a light brown. The inside looks nice. We'll see soon, as soon as JC picks his up.

Interesting experience. Great. But come on, you can't help but come away feeling vapid after these things. People show up to be seen - it's another social event, no? Yeah, I don't belong. But an interesting experience. Everything looked really nice inside. Beautiful people. And we got gift bags!




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