Friday, October 16, 2009


I spent today running around a bit. Got a few items for Saturday's dinner - most of the groceries I'm leaving until as late as possible to bring home. I want everything to be as fresh as possible. Heading out early in the morning tomorrow, to search for Ontario's best and for inspiration!

Worked in the kitchen to do some preliminary prep work. Polished all the stemware, all the cutlery, and water goblets. I washed and ironed my tablecloth as well. Everything should be ready to receive the food.

I've been drinking since 3pm. A few beautiful, rich wines. Feeling good about cooking so many courses. Menu's ready, but of course, if I see something great tomorrow at St. Lawrence, things might change. I was at my local grocery store today - they had fresh, live abalone! Just extraodinary, I would have bought some home if I knew how to handle them.

Itching to get going.


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