Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Plum wine

Nakano Syuzou Kunizakari Syuzo no Nigori Umesyu

I don't speak much Japanese, and I have no intention of installing a Japanese character input into my laptop, so this is the best I've got. Umesyu means plum wine. This is a bottle of plum liquor that my new neighbour sent over for Mid-Autumn Festival. Her husband works in Tokyo, and she thought I might enjoy it.

It's an enjoyable sweet wine. Beautiful colour, and the three characters on the right refer to the fact that this is unfiltered. There was plum sediment floating in the wine, of a dark red colour. Good sweetness, beautiful plum character on the nose. This wine brings you into the subject. Good acidity as well, very balanced. Shows a lot of character, and certainly one of the better plum wines I've drank.

Sweet wine is similar all over the world, in that many of them don't have a balance. Most end up syrupy and absolutely tiring to drink. I don't know the cultural significance of a plum wine in Japan - is this mostly a fun little thing for the ladies to enjoy, or do people actually drink a lot of it? I should ask my cousin. In any case, as a sweet wine, this is quite delicious. But I would enjoy it with a tart Chinese dessert - drinking it with something sweet as well won't work.

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